Sunday, August 5, 2012

In My Mailbox (Week 2)

This week has been super-productive in terms of getting stuff done! Since the Common Application opened up on August 1, I've barely had time to breathe, let alone read YA fiction. (It's mainly been a week of writing, critiquing short stories/flash fiction, reading college-applications blogs, and extracurricular homework.) With that aside, though, I did pick up some new books to read.


THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK has been heralded by many as the game-changing career book of its time. I thought, why not? If this book really promises maximum efficiency, that would change everything--in between managing TWFT, being an editor at a non-profit literary journal, being founder/editor-in-chief of another non-profit literary journal, finishing art/writing/music portfolios, and just being a teenager, God knows I need all the extra time I can get. Also, school's right around the corner...I just got mail yesterday telling me to pick up my school schedule soon (yikes!). Will review soon.

BINOCULAR VISION is a collection of short stories I actually was assigned to read for work. (Ahh, when the line between work and personal life disappears!) And let me tell you, Edith Pearlman, so far, has proved to be a writer of stunning, surprising short stories. I can't even pick a favorite, because I love all of them and a good majority I count as my "favorite." This was the same book, by the way, that catapulted Edith Pearlman from being a quietly-respected writer to an "instant" hit.

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  1. 4 Hour Work Week sounds good. I would love to do that. my mailbox


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