Book Review Policy

TWFT loves books! But here's a disclaimer: we're not professional reviewers. We're just writers who enjoy reading and telling other people about good books. (Linda, particularly, is a speedy reader and reviewer). So if you, the publisher/publicist/author, would like a review of your e-book/book on TWFT, please email us at You can specify who you'd like to review your book, but keep in mind our preferences:

We don't review:
  • erotica
  • self-published books
  • self-help/nonfiction

Race likes:
  •  Anything YA -
    • Includes: horror and sci-fi and paranormal and mythological and contemporary... everything YA
    • Excludes: anything TWT does not review (above)!

Linda likes:
  • Contemporary YA
  • Urban Fantasy YA
  • Historical YA
  • Edgy YA
  • Literary YA
  • New Adult/Adult fiction titles are fine.

We look forward to working with you!

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