The TWFT Team

While there are many amazing teens who contribute to TWFT, there are two writers who keep a watchful eye over the site and blog. Meet Rachel and Linda:

Rachel "Race" Mercaldo started writing in second grade and never stopped, though now she writes contemporary YA instead of princess short stories for her seven-year-old friends. She is also a student at Penn State University, the college of THON, where she discovered her love of biology. She is studying for a pre-medical certificate and general bachelor's degree to prep for a few thousand years in med school. If you want random facts about ants or cancer, let her know.
When she isn't writing or studying for the MCAT, she can be found reading at work, scribbling scenes on stolen computer paper, or possibly blogging over at her site, www.rachelmercaldo.comHer favorite jellybeans are strawberry - and she hates when pink jellybeans turn out to be bubblegum flavored.
Linda Ge started writing at age twelve for the wrong reason (publishment) and is happy to say she's now writing for the right reason (because she feels the urge to create). Her least-favorite subjects are English and math--English because it's too easy, and math because it's too hard. She once reached the top of Maslow's Hierarchy but fell off when she enrolled into a new high school (she's back at level two now). She collects words. She hates peanut butter. She's a little worried about how she fits into Social Darwinism. And she loves seeing people's reactions to her work. (She wishes she could be paid in those expressions.) The best flavor jellybean, in her opinion, is a watermelon jellybean and a coffee jellybean eaten at the same time. Because you expected to actually read a useful bio in this section, Linda has decided to relegate your attention to her website,, which has samples of her art/writing as well as her curriculum vitae for your creeping pleasure.