Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday - best book of August.

YA Highway asked, for their weekly RTW question, "What was the best book you read in August?"

The answer here is a little complicated. For one, I assume this question is asking about YA fiction, but the best book I read is neither YA nor fiction. It is a little book a professor recommended to me last semester. It is called "The Future of Life," by biologist Edward O. Wilson.

Based on the title alone, we could think the book was a YA dystopian. Maybe a YA zombie book! Maybe adult versions of those! But this book is none of those. It is appropriate for both YA and adult audiences, but it isn't fiction.

 Don't let that fool you though, because this book can possibly move you more than fiction can.

The prolog, a letter to everyone's favorite nature observer of Walden Pond, Thoreau, actually made me cry. The first chapter is full of stories of the most amazing creatures you can imagine, all of them real and existing on this very earth. The characters are the living organisms all around. In an era of drastic environmental upheaval, the book is hopeful in a heartbreaking way as we join in a field trip around the world and learn of amazing bacteria and poisonous bugs. More importantly, it does address the question, what is the future of life? E.O. Wilson might have the answer here, and it is a wonderful read.

In regards to fiction, I promise I will post about that soon. But I had to share this amazing book with you all, and YA Highway helped me out.


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