Monday, August 20, 2012

TWFT Summer Writing Playlist: Race

If you guys didn't like my music tastes (and boo to you!), you might like Race's writing playlist. There's lots of classic rock, pop, and fast songs here. :)

  • Don't Stop Believing; Journey

  • Blackened; Metallica
  • Titanium; David Guetta

  • Satellite remixed; OceanLab

  • Wide Awake; Katy Perry

  • Only Time; Enya

  • Darkness, Darkness; Solas

  • Amaranth; Nightwish

  • Bye Bye Beautiful; Nightwish

  • Sahara; Nighwish

  • So She Dances; Josh Groban

  • Addiction; Medina

Which songs did Race leave out? Which songs do you think she'll enjoy?

- Linda

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